studying in australia

if you’re planning to study in australia, it’s important to have your student accommodation booked before you arrive. our student accommodation in melbourne provides a fun and welcoming environment to help you make the most of your time as an australian student.

the experience of a lifetime! 

studying in australia as an international student is a wonderful opportunity to extend your horizons, earn valuable qualifications and make lifelong friends.

high standard of qualifications 

australian universities are internationally renowned for their high standards. graduates from melbourne universities have many job opportunities, and their qualifications are recognised throughout the world. you will also have the opportunity to practice your language skills while studying in australia.

the great australian lifestyle 

australia is a great place to live. the standard of living is high, yet living costs are reasonable. international students are allowed to work part-time to help you supplement your income.

australians are a friendly, easy-going people with one of the most diverse multicultural communities in the world. crime rates are low, and australians are generally tolerant of religious communities. summers are warm to hot, and winters are mild in comparison to europe and north america.

loads of things to do 

when it’s time to have a break from studying you can enjoy the wild ocean beaches, amazing wildlife, dramatic coastal scenery, awe-inspiring mountains, tropical rainforests and stately historic buildings.

if you’re an outdoor person, the possibilities are endless – from skiing and surfing to bushwalking, rock climbing and canoeing. sports lovers can enjoy all kinds of sports. australians love watching sport. australian football league (afl) is the most popular game, but major sporting events also feature rugby league, cricket, tennis and the grand prix.

australia also has a dynamic arts scene, replete with theatre, jazz, opera and world-class galleries. many arts festivals take place throughout the year, and each state has its own symphony orchestra.