Le Student 8 Testimonials

Melva Lim - Singapore

I came to Australia with two other friends to study at RMIT. After extensive research on student accommodation in Melbourne, we decided to stay with Le Student 8. From photos of the rooms online, we knew that the quality of our stay would be guaranteed compared to houses, apartments that we scouted on real estate websites.

Le Student 8 really looks after the welfare of the students. They have a student liaison to overlook student matters and organise activities every now and then to make their students feel at home.

Although it has only been about 5 months since I came, I have seen Le Student 8 organise quite a number of events for their students and most importantly, they are entirely free!
There were dinners to mark the start of the semester, to welcome a new cohort of students and for post exams celebration. There have been occasional free movie screenings too.

These events serve as a platform for the students from around the world to meet and I really appreciate the effort of Le Student 8 to bring their students together. The food is good and I truly enjoy the events. Other than hanging out with the people I know, I’ve made new friends too. Well done Le Student 8! Thumbs up! Looking forward to more events in the future.

Nic Storrie - Australia

Le Student 8 staff were very generous in organising regular social events for residential students. We enjoyed a variety of delicious food and drink while getting to know the other students at welcome and end-of-exam dinners. The games room is free of charge and was ideal for socialising and taking a study break with friends. With each event comes a new and exciting cuisine so you always look forward to each month. The management are very friendly and accommodate our concerns. What a great way to have fun and make new friends!

Gaurav Gupta - India

I first stayed at Le Student 8 in July 2008. I had never lived alone and was nervous moving to a new country by myself. My fear disappeared when I arrived at Student 8. Every member of Le Student 8 is helpful and friendly.

It is very easy to make friends and meet people in this accommodation. Rooms are fantastic, each with a TV, fridge, microwave, clothes drawer and a bathroom. Le Student 8 is very well located with supermarkets, restaurants, tram and train stops all in walking distance. Recreational facilities like the gym and outdoor pool are a fantastic way to spend your time after uni hours. I am studying at La Trobe University and use the daily shuttle bus to get to and from campus.

The shuttle bus is reliable, convenient and best of all free! Melbourne is a great city to live in, with nice people and great events. It has so much to offer and there is something new happening every day.

I have really enjoyed my stay here in Le student 8 and would recommend it to any student looking for accommodation in Melbourne.

Johanna Mustaffa - Singapore

When I arrived in Melbourne, I was staying in a motor inn temporarily while looking for a place of my own for a year while I complete my bachelor degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

My mum was helping me search for suitable places to stay during my stay here and Le Student8 at Bell City was a very appealing option. After being showed around by Angeline, the student liaison, I decided that I really liked the rooms available as well as the facilities.

As I am into sports, I really treasure the gym facilities and the swimming pool.

My room has a good view and is spacious enough for storage of my luggage as well as a work table for me to complete my assignments and reports. Other facilities include a coin-operated washing machine and dryer as well as a common kitchen where I can make friends with my neighbours.

Though the rates are slightly higher than my budget, I find that it is a good investment in the long run as I already feel at home.

Melissa Chiang - Singapore

RMIT (chiropractics)

I lived in Le Student 8 for about 2 years and had an awesome time. During my stay, I have made tons of new friends, not only from Australia but also from around the world that would be my friends for life.

The facilities that are offered there met my needs as a student, such as the business centre for studying, the gym for the daily workout and also the recreation room for socializing. I also found that the free shuttle bus service was practical as it stopped right at the universities doorstep.

Throughout my stay, there were also activities organized just for the students such as a basketball tournament and a BBQ by the poolside. It was a great way to meet new students and also to have fun.

Aashish Raj Sharma - Nepal

RMIT English Worldwide

Friendly environment, a quiet place, student’s privacy and lots of opportunity to meet people from all over the world makes LeStudent 8 the best accommodation for students.

With my own experience, I’m very thankful for the prompt response and very helpful staffs when I was seeking accommodation. It’s a good place to be in.

Jacqueline Wood - Australia

Latrobe University

I am currently a mature-aged Doctoral student at Victoria University in Melbourne, living at Le Student 8, Preston. During my studies I want an environment which is conductive to study and where I can feel safe, secure and have privacy. Le Student 8 successfully provides this.

It has been a joy to be treated with the greatest of respect, care, compassion, empathy at Le Student 8. The dedicated student liaison quickly responded to any issues I had which helped me always feel supported during my study.

I highly recommend Le Student 8 accommodation to any international students seeking a place to live. Because the accommodation is attached to a hotel there are a range of great facilities to help make students’ stay more comfortable and convenient. Monthly social events are also are great ways to meet new people and just take a break from study.

Le Student 8 employees are warm, engaged and help to ensure everyone has a happy and peaceful environment during their stay.