safety and security

at Le Student 8 your safety is our first priority and because we’re part of a modern hotel complex, we offer security measures that other student accommodation can’t provide.

we care about your safety 

when moving overseas, you want to know your accommodation is secure. while melbourne is a very safe place to live, we understand the need to ensure your safety.

student accommodation with first-class security systems

to ensure the well being of guests, our international student accommodation has the following features:

secure card system

students receive a personal swipe card upon arrival which grants access to your own floor. with this card you can also access other facilities like the gym and outdoor pool.

24-hour reception and security presence

our security cameras, hotel reception staff and specialised security teams are on site 24 hours a day to ensure your safety.

student liaison

if you have any concerns you can speak with our friendly student liaison. our reception team will also be more than happy to answer any queries.